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ナン  ケイとホク シ

SHEDOLL 新世代 姉妹共舞


가장 완벽한 모습을 보여 주고, 오직 너를 만나기 위해서다


지원 - 핸드메이드 버전.
메이크업에 대한 최고의 추구.
화장 은 기술 일 뿐 만 아니라 아름다움 을 추구하고 표현하는 방식 이다




유엔兮沅는 Shedoll 브랜드에서 2024 년에 등장한 최신 인형으로 매력적인 148cm의 키가 주목을 받고 있습니다.


이상을 초월한 인형


슈돌은 2D의 세계와 현실을 융합해 새로운 차원의 인형을 만들었다.기술과 예술의 경계를 넘어 로리타형에서 성숙한 우아함, 상상을 초월하는 몸매 사이즈에 이르기까지 모든 인형은 디테일을 중시하는 예술품이다.3D 디자인과 프린팅 기술을 통해 꿈과 현실을 자유자재로 오가는 것과 같은 타의 추종을 불허하는 동반자 경험을 제공한다.

People from all the world loves them

  • Why is the makeup different in different photos?
    Even if the photo you are looking at is of the same person, there may be differences in makeup. That's because: We regularly improve or tweak the doll's makeup. Adjustments include eye shadow, lip color, eyebrow shape, eyelash shape, hair, and more. These adjustments may result in slight differences in your photos. All dolls' makeup is done by hand, so no two dolls can be made exactly the same. Differences in light, technique, and angle during shooting may cause visual errors.
  • Can it be fully customized?
    Freely combinable options include eye color, skin color, bone structure tightness, lower body hair, head, high-end options, low-end options, and more. Full customization is not supported at this time. The reasons are as follows: Copyright issues are involved. The cost of producing them individually is very high, making them out of reach for ordinary buyers. Artistic creations may not always match an individual's aesthetic sensibilities, and the question of "likeness or not" can lead to conflict.
  • Is it possible to stay in a standing position for a long time?
    It is not recommended to let the baby stand for a long time. If you need to be photographed, please make sure that the soles of your feet are fully touching the ground and that you are wearing shoes. Use a stand if you need to stand for long periods of time.
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