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The origin of COSPLAY can be traced back to the combination of the English words "costume" and "play," referring to a form of performance where specific characters or concepts are imitated and portrayed. The origin of COSPLAY can be traced back to the 1970s in Japan. At that time, some participants at science fiction or anime events began wearing homemade costumes and portraying their favorite characters from anime, manga, movies, or games.

The earliest COSPLAY events often took place at anime conventions, technology exhibitions, and doujinshi events in Japan. Over time, COSPLAY became increasingly popular and spread to communities of anime, gaming, and pop culture worldwide. Today, COSPLAY has become a cultural phenomenon globally, with numerous COSPLAY events and competitions attracting thousands of participants and spectators every year.

The rise of COSPLAY is closely associated with Japanese anime, manga, and gaming culture, with characters from these cultural works being the main themes of COSPLAY. COSPLAY encompasses not only characters from anime and games but also from movies, TV shows, novels, comics, animations, and historical figures.

COSPLAY involves not only wearing costumes but also design, production, performance, social interaction, and provides participants with the opportunity to better understand and express their beloved characters. Additionally, it creates a community environment full of creativity and fun.


Currently, we have combined several carefully selected characters with SHEDOLL girls, changing makeup and body combinations multiple times, and taken a series of photos.

The makeup of the girls in the SHEDOLL X COSPLAY series will be different from the regular retail version.

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