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​ SHEDOLL、手作りメイク


The ultimate pursuit of makeup
Makeup is not only a technique, but also a way of pursuing and expressing beauty.


Every step is up to you


  1. Select the desired head type and place an order.

  2. Production of the silicone head in the original color.

  3. Commission a makeup artist to apply base makeup to the head and create custom eyes in preparation for installation.

  4. Communicate with the customer regarding the desired makeup style, providing photos or verbal descriptions.

  5. Provide at least one frontal or side photo to assist the makeup artist in determining color and style.

  6. Makeup artist creates a draft makeup for customer verification.

  7. Color adjustments or redefining of the makeup can be made according to customer requests.

  8. After final makeup confirmation, proceed with deepening the makeup and sealing to ensure long-lasting results.


To make eyebrows and eyelashes appear more natural, an average of 5 days is required.


We will guide you into this magical realm and explore how to give your doll unique charm and life.

SHDDOLL OFFICIAL exclusively provides makeup and handmade deep eyes

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