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High precision and ultimate skin texture

We are proud to announce the release of our latest 165 simulation skin texture body! The texture of this product's skin is based on the precise collection of real data and has undergone continuous improvements and upgrades. It has been created through an extensive amount of time and effort to provide the most realistic tactile experience.

Last month, we experimentally introduced the simulation skin texture for hips for the first time and achieved satisfactory results. Now, the new 165 simulation skin body is ready, bringing unprecedented realism and delicacy.

Every inch of the skin is meticulously sculpted, with textures that are natural and lifelike, and a tactile sensation that is soft and resilient. Both visually and to the touch, it provides an experience as if it were real.


Product Features:

- **Precise Data Collection**: Based on real human skin data, ensuring perfection down to the smallest details.
- **Ultimate Realism**: Every skin texture is designed with meticulous care to provide the most lifelike tactile sensation.
- **Premium Materials**: Made from the highest quality materials, guaranteeing skin softness and durability.

Order now and enjoy the extraordinary experience brought by the 165 simulation skin texture body!

- Height: 165 cm
- Shoulder Width: 36 cm
- Upper Bust: 90 cm
- Lower Bust: 67 cm
- Waist: 64 cm
- Hip Circumference: 96 cm
- Leg Length: 80 cm
- Thigh Circumference: 54 cm
- Calf Circumference: 34 cm
- Foot Length: 22 cm
- Weight: 40 kg

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