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After three months of careful research and adjustment, our dolls have undergone a comprehensive upgrade, introducing toe functionality! This innovative technology enhances her movements to be more natural and her expressions more vivid. Whether striking charming poses for photographs or engaging in playful movements during playtime, she effortlessly excels at it all.


April is filled with the breath of youth and vitality. Like the April sun, she is warm and bright, always radiating a warm light. Like the flowers of spring, she is full of vitality and beauty, competing with each other in their brilliance.


Her personality is like April, full of vitality and vigor. Her smile shines as brightly as the sun, illuminating every corner around her. Her gentleness and kindness warm hearts like a spring breeze, always offering comfort and strength. She loves nature, blossoming with her own beauty and vitality like April's flowers, and possesses endless potential for growth and development. Like April, she symbolizes new beginnings and hope, making people feel the infinite possibilities of life.

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