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About Materials

The silicone used in our head is of high-grade medical quality. The body TPE is made from American 4055 high-quality TPE powder commonly found in household items. The body silicone is food-grade silicone, compliant with international standards. Detailed inspection reports are available for reference.


Regarding Returns and Exchanges

Generally, custom-made products cannot be returned or exchanged, except in the following cases:

  • Product does not match the order.

  • Product has significant defects. Please notify us within 72 hours of receiving the product, and we will either send a replacement or issue a refund.

after-sale service

If there are no issues reported within 72 hours of receiving the goods, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the product without any problems. However, there are exceptions such as joint lock-ups or joint fractures. In such cases, we will provide a free replacement of the product or offer a discounted exchange for a new one based on the time of purchase by the buyer.

Under normal and frequent use, some key parts of the doll, such as the genitalia and mouth, may experience tearing. However, because some countries do not allow the import of liquids or powders, it is difficult for us to send glue to customers. Therefore, customers need to purchase glue locally.

If the makeup of the purchased head comes off within one year, you can contact us to send it back to China for reapplication. The makeup service is free of charge. The shipping cost from the buyer's location to China is to be borne by the buyer, while the shipping cost from China to the buyer will be covered by us.

SHEDOLL Doll Body Movement Limitations

The doll's head uses metal connectors and body connections, allowing free rotation from side to side. However, the neck is fixed by a metal skeleton, and the tilting motion of the head forward and backward cannot exceed 45 degrees. The lateral swaying motion of the head cannot exceed 45 degrees.

The doll's upper limbs can be raised forward to the chest, approximately 60 degrees. They can be slightly bent backward by 5 to 10 degrees. The upper limbs can be raised horizontally to the level of the chest on both sides, approximately 60 degrees in each direction. When the upper arms are brought close to the body (crossing arms), they cannot exceed the chest, approximately 15 degrees inward. Although our dolls can perform a wider range of motions, the angles mentioned above are the officially recommended movement limitations. Exceeding these limits may result in damage or tearing of the silicone underarms.

The doll's forearms can rotate unidirectionally by 90 degrees, with limited positioning on the skeleton, preventing them from rotating or bending in other directions. The wrists of the doll can bend up and down, with a rotational angle of 45 degrees in each direction. The forearms can rotate, with a rotational angle limited to 60 degrees.

The doll's waist can bend horizontally to the left and right, with an angle limitation of 30 degrees. Forward and backward bending (bending forward and straightening the chest) has an angle limitation of 40 degrees. When the body rotates left and right (waist twisting motion), the angle limitation is 40 degrees. When the waist bends and rotates simultaneously, the angles in each direction are combined, halving the limitation. For example, bending to the left while twisting the waist reduces the maximum angle in each direction to 20 degrees.

The thighs of SHEDOLL can be opened up to a maximum of 130 degrees, and a single leg split can lift up to 100 degrees. Please refer to our doll instruction video for specific demonstrations. However, we do not recommend opening the thighs too wide, as this action can create significant tension on the doll's silicone, leading to damage. The recommended safe opening angle is as follows: the thighs should not be opened wider than 50 degrees on each side. Inwardly, they should not exceed 15 degrees from the vertical line of the body. Lifting a single leg should not exceed 100 degrees upward. Bending backward should not exceed 15 degrees from the vertical line of the body.

The maximum backward bending of the lower leg is 120 degrees, with a recommended angle of 100 degrees. The lower legs have mechanical structural limitations and cannot bend forward. The ankles can rotate up and down, with a total angle of 45 degrees. Similarly, there are mechanical limitations, preventing excessive rotation.




指の関節 ビデオ

toe joint

Head Sculpt Design

Our head sculpts are all original designs by NEVON, who has experience designing character appearances for gaming companies. High-grade medical materials are used, exhibiting toughness, tear resistance, rebound coefficient, and color that surpass industry standards. Surface textures are delicate, and multi-stage coloring techniques are employed, layering three colors to give the surface a healthy appearance, followed by makeup.



Movable jaw

The original designer has readjusted the original mold, focusing not only on the opening and closing but also on further adjusting the facial features for natural movement when the mouth opens and closes.

Special Anti-Tear Technology for Mouth Corners To address concerns about tearing at the corners of the mouth when opening, significant efforts have been made to prevent tearing in these areas.

The articulated jaw uses a dual-gear joint, providing durability to the joint to a certain extent.




Regarding Body Painting

Due to the characteristics of TPE material, it tends to exude oil, making paint adhesion difficult. However, we still use the same specifications for painting as silicone. Silicone can maintain its color for at least 2 years.

Product Internal Quality Inspection

Our products must pass inspection at least 3 times. We will provide the video to the buyer if it is met.


The silicone body correction has adjusted the position of the vagina to be more aligned with human orientation, hence the anal orifice has been removed.

hair transplant and haircut

Currently, a professional master has joined the SHEDOLL team.

Question: Can the style of hair implants be the same as wig styles?

Answer: Yes, it can. We will implant the hair into the silicone head according to the wig you choose. The process involves dismantling two identical styles for implantation.

Question: Can hair be implanted on a soft silicone head?

Answer: Yes, it can. Hair can be manually implanted into a soft silicone head, but because the surface is too soft, there may be severe hair loss, so we do not recommend doing so.

Preservation and conservation

SHEDOLL dolls feature simulated skin made from imported high molecular silicone gel, which is non-toxic and odorless. The silicone has a Shore hardness of 0 degrees, a stretch ratio of 450%, and a tear resistance of 1.7 Mpa. Over time, the surface of silicone products may exhibit oil seepage due to the presence of silicone oil in the formula, which is a normal phenomenon. Simply lightly wipe the surface with talcum powder to address this. Additionally, during use and storage, the doll's surface may accumulate dust and stains. To maintain the silicone skin's performance and keep the surface clean, it's recommended to perform maintenance periodically. The frequency of maintenance depends on usage and storage conditions, but generally, once a month is advisable. Start by gently wiping the doll's surface with a towel dipped in warm water. If there is dirt on the silicone surface, use soapy water to wipe it multiple times, avoiding vigorous rubbing. When wiping the silicone surface, do not use corrosive cleaners, including strong acids, alkaline solutions, powerful disinfectants, or stain removers. Instead, mild cleansers like body wash or mild stain removers can be used. After the surface is dry, apply talcum powder to the doll. When applying powder, wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust.

Joint Maintenance:

If doll joints remain bent for an extended period, wrinkles may appear on the surface due to improper positioning and prolonged pressure. For instance, sitting for long periods on a chair may cause wrinkles on the doll's abdomen. Maintaining abnormal positions for extended periods significantly increases the risk of sponge layer rupture. After use or shooting, restore the doll to its factory position to reduce stress on the joints.

Makeup Maintenance:

The makeup applied to the doll during manufacturing generally does not flake off but gradually fades over time. Avoid vigorous wiping, especially on the doll's facial makeup, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Pay attention to the intensity of wiping during use and cleaning, as excessive force can cause hair loss and discoloration. Once discoloration occurs, it is difficult to repair. Dolls can be made up using standard cosmetics like lipstick and blush, but avoid using overly viscous creams on the face, as they may be difficult to clean. When removing makeup, avoid vigorous rubbing; instead, gently wipe with soapy water or makeup remover.

Shipping Cost and Production Time

The sex dolls you purchase are custom-made products, and upon placing your order, production and shipping will be carried out according to your selections. Generally, the production time is 15 to 20 working days.

Transportation Disclaimer

In long-distance transportation, it is unavoidable that uncontrollable circumstances may lead to delays in delivery. Adverse weather conditions, catastrophic events, and the current impact of the novel coronavirus may result in unexpected delays in package delivery. We hope you understand the inevitability of these uncontrollable factors. We will also keep in touch with you at all times to inform you of the details. Please note that some delivery professionals may not communicate with you over the phone but will deliver directly to your doorstep. If delivery is not signed for, the package may be left at the local post office, requiring confirmation by phone or direct pickup. We strive to provide you with a pleasant customer experience and product satisfaction through all our services and recommendations. Your support is greatly appreciated.

(We do not ship to Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Libya, Kosovo, Iraq, etc.)

Customs Duties

In most cases, we have already paid the customs duties for the package in advance. However, some countries may consider the actual value of the goods to exceed the expected customs duty amount. In such cases, UPS will notify you to pay additional customs duties. In some countries with higher customs duties, such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc., customs duties may amount to as much as $300. Therefore, it is advisable for you to be aware of the local consumption tax system in advance.

Privacy Shipping

We highly value our customers' privacy, so we wrap the dolls in our custom-made pure white towels and ship them in 6-layer corrugated cardboard packaging, ensuring that the contents and product names are not disclosed.

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