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doll's joint operation tutorial

The doll's joint operation tutorial is as follows:

1. Head: Gently rotate the head to face the desired direction.

2. Shoulders: Grasp the doll's shoulders with both hands and rotate them up, down, or to the sides to adjust the posture.

3. Elbows: Hold the doll's arms and bend the elbows forward, backward, or to the sides.

4. Wrists: Rotate the doll's wrists with both hands to point the palms in different directions.

5. Waist: Grip the doll's waist and rotate it left, right, forward, or backward.

6. Legs: Support the doll's legs with both hands and rotate them forward, backward, or to the sides.

7. Knees: Gently bend the doll's knees to adjust the posture.

8. Ankles: Gently rotate the doll's ankles with your hands to adjust the direction of the feet.

9. Overall posture: Finally, ensure that the doll's overall posture meets your requirements and make any necessary adjustments.

Handle the doll's joints gently to avoid damage.

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